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Everyday Women taking Extraordinary Steps

***Group is Full***

An EWES is the WOMAN who is bored of doing the same old parting, dining and drinking. Don’t get me wrong I love my food and wine so this will be incorporated. However, she is looking to experience culture, adventure, education, and empowerment while having fun and building relationships. This woman wants to build herself up and expand her horizons. Is this you?

Activities/Events can range from a nice spa/pamper me day, tea party, hiking, gala/fundraising events, brunch, conferences, horseback riding and sporting events, just to name a few.

If you haven't found your niche or struggling to fit in or just need something new than this is the group for you.

Let's step out of our comfort zones and explore what life has to offer together. Hopefully we can take this further than Charlotte; across the country than overseas.

So, come help us to think outside the box to engage in EXTRAORDINFARY activities and events!

We welcome all ages and races!

***Group is Full***

Thank you to our members and prospective members , our group is currently full! I intend to keep the group small however we will open up for new members in the 3 to 6 months. Please don't forget about us. Until then, if you see any public events that you are interested in attending with us don't hesitate to message Jovonda.

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Harrahs Cherokee Casino - Day Trip

Harrah's Casino


Famous Toastery

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