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I'll keep it short and simple rather than be filibustered by members that are out to prove their genius. The intent of this group is to create a group with open discussion about Atheism in our community. As many of you may know the world is full of theist people who believe they have the answer to it all. This group is to gather like minds, while getting to know each other. I do this as a hobby to meet like minded people that can have open discussions. If you have any advice on events or ideas for the group feel free to message me.

I am going to be straight forward with my members. most of the times the things I do with this group is to be around people like me whom have somehow realized things aren't as basic as the books theist books have written. I want this group to be a zone for people to be open and honest we may not all agree on the same ideals but we do agree that religious bigotry is dangerous. Most of my post will be abundant with grammatical errors and other syntax errors because after working my ass of I drink and this group is my mistress. Let’s relax here and if you see mistakes in my witting theories then shut that shit down. This is why we are atheist I won't bitch and moan but I do believe that together we are much more efficient than being alone around a society with churches richer than most countries that have ill educated masses.

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