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Hello Table Toppers,

Glad to have you! We gather every Wednesday night (rain or shine, lightning or snow) at 7 pm, currently Moving around between Original Pattern Brewing, Old Kan Beer Co, Crooked City Cider and Tigers Taproom in the East Bay. We're a fantastic (emphasis on fantastic) gang of Table Toppers with interests in table top (woo hoo), board, card, dice, chance, co-op, skill, luck and other games that encourage conversation, critical thinking and laughter!

Although we have nothing against any specific game or type of game (lets face it, games are games because they're fun) we try to avoid games that run longer than 60-90 minutes or take more than 30 minutes to explain. This does not mean "no games over an hour" or anything like that, just that we want to play as many games as possible with as many people as possible. If longer games are you style, just make sure that you coordinate with members prior, or that the members you recruit on the night of the MeetUp are aware or knowledgeable of what they are about to play.

We also try to avoid games that are too exclusive in type like Poke'mon, Magic The Gathering, Warhammer, D&D, etc. Three games we definitely try to avoid are Settlers of Catan, Monopoly and Cards Against Humanity.

We hope this does not discourage anyone from coming and joining in on the fun, seriously this group is awesome. Other than that, we encourage new games in all forms! Bring any game you are able to teach or one even one you're willing to learn, new and old. Also, if you have a game you may be developing, bring it on by for some feedback and test plays!

I fund and founded this group and work hard to make sure everyone feels welcome and that the group runs smoothly every week. I work diligently on this group (about 15 hours a week, for free) by approving and greeting new Table Toppers, writing the MeetUps, scheduling events, picking weekly games, finding instructors for games, talking with breweries/game developers/game stores/conventions/etc., purchasing new games, and much more. We never ask for money and will never charge for the Wednesday MeetUps. There are no member fees and no annual dues. However, if you would like to contribute to the group, it would be a huge help and we would be forever thankful. Our Venmo account and a Cash App account are as follows:

Venmo: @east-bay-board-gang

Cash App: $EastBayBoardGang

Enough jibber jabber. Lets get together, have some beers, laugh it up and play some games!

Board Game Geek: https://boardgamegeek.com/collection/user/East_Bay_Board_Gang

Email: eastbayboardgang@gmail.com

Instagram: @eastbayboardgang

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Old Kan Beer Co.

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Original Pattern Brewing

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Crooked City Cider: Monthly $1 Raffle

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Tigers Taproom

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