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THE LAW OF ENTROPY, the Second Law of Thermodynamics, refers to the fact that our bodies deteriorate as we age – DNA mutates, joints become damaged, skin becomes wrinkled, body systems stop working as efficiently. The answer to the dilemma lies in the First Law Of Thermodynamics, also known as THE LAW OF CONSERVATION OF ENERGY which says that, since entropy is inevitable, in order to maintain equilibrium (vibrant health) of a system, energy must be added to “the system” (your body).

On a basic level this energy refers to our body’s need for fuel, in the form of calories, for our cells, organs and organ systems to operate. From a holistic perspective, we are talking about more than just calories: the QUALITY OF CALORIES from a cookie is not as high as those from a bowl of fruit; we can’t continue doing weekend warrior activities without SUPPORTING RECOVERY – you need to stretch, “roll out”, go to yoga and get body work; and It’s not enough to slog through life without TENDING TO the quality of YOUR MIND AND SPIRIT – meditation, journaling, therapy, hobbies and meaningful connection are ways of adding energy to the system.

What I am saying is that it takes EFFORT to have vibrant health, to be successful and to show up in all the important arenas of your life. In this fast-paced, urban setting it also takes INTENTION to direct our effort appropriately.

This purpose of this meetup is to provide opportunities to support you with your EFFORT and INTENTION toward VIBRANT HEALTH.

Events May Involve Topics Including:

• Mindful Eating, "Clean Eating", Anti-Inflammatory Eating

• Qigong & Meditation

• Hiking & Outdoors Activities

• Fitness

• Emotional Resilience

• Self Care With Essential Oils

• Career Fulfillment

• Lifestyle Support For Various Physical Complaints: Energy, Immunity, Digestion, Pain, Sleep....

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