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Have you had a spiritual experience? Looking for a deeper understanding of who you are and your life’s purpose?

Eckankar offers answers. It is an ancient spiritual teaching and a modern-day religion that offers spiritual techniques and resources for an individual to discover truth through personal experience.

Spiritual experiences may include dreams, inner guidance, déjà vu, knowingness, coincidences, out-of-body adventures, or having a sense that you have lived before. Open yourself to more love, joy, and wisdom by exploring and understanding life from a spiritual perspective.

We are an open, friendly spiritual community for people of all faiths. Explore your deepest spiritual questions, and meet people of like mind and heart.

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Spiritual Freedom in a Changing World - Online Event

Online event

A free online ECK Spiritual Discussion, Tuesday, August 18, 7:00-8:00 pm (Central). See details to RSVP. “What is spiritual freedom? Spiritual freedom is growing into a state of more godliness. Becoming more aware of the presence of God. How do you do this? By becoming aware of the lessons behind your daily experiences. That is how you grow into a loving awareness of the presence of God.” - Harold Klemp, What is Spiritual Freedom? Mahanta Transcripts, Book 11 Facilitated by Gordy Lofquist and Randy Cox. The following topics will be covered: - Love: The Doorway to Spiritual Freedom. - Graceful Change: How to Stay Spiritually Young. - Your Golden Contract. - Soul Equals Soul. - Lift Yourself to a Higher State Breakout groups with trained facilitators will allow time for Q & A and discussion. Event limited to 100 participants. This online event is sponsored by the Wisconsin Satsang Society, a Chartered Affiliate of ECKANKAR. Participation by Zoom (video/audio conference) or by phone conference, as you prefer. RSVP via Meetup: Zoom and phone conference login details will be sent by Meetup message on Tuesday morning, August 18, to those who RSVP. If questions, please contact Alan Blake at [masked].

A Virtual Day of ECK - An Exploration of Divine Imagination - Online Event

ECKANKAR Presents a Virtual Day of ECK An Exploration of Divine Imagination Sunday, August 30th, 2020 A free online Day of ECK – Sunday, August 30, beginning at 10:45 am – See details to RSVP. “Soul, a particle of God, is blessed with the gift of creative imagination, which finds a solution to every problem.” —Harold Klemp, Language of Soul, p. 2 Join us for two virtual spiritual discussions exploring Divine Imagination in an online videoconference format. Discussions will be led by experienced hosts with small group breakout sessions to ask questions and discuss topics further. Event is limited to 100 Participants. You may attend one or both sessions. Participate in the Day of ECK by Zoom (video/audio conference) or by phone conference, as you prefer. Schedule: 10:45am – Event opens for log in and technical assistance 11am – Session One: Creative Imagination ̶ A Divine Gift “Soul is creative, infinitely creative. Our creative imagination is our gift from God.” —Harold Klemp, Touching the Face of God, p. 126 As Soul, a divine spark of God, you are the creator of your own worlds. Creative imagination is the gift that keeps on giving—a divine gift that has no limits. Share in this spiritual discussion, a golden opportunity to gain perspective on: • Finding a solution to every problem • Focusing on your dreams and goals • Trying a spiritual exercise to tune-in to the God spark within you • Opening your heart to expand your creative powers • Loving what you do – the plus factor Noon—Lunch Break 12:45am – Event opens for log in and technical assistance 1:00pm – Session Two: Be the HU “…..if you want to lift yourself to a higher state of consciousness—so that the political issues, the family issues, the social issues of the day do not throw you out of balance, so that you can find a happier, more contented life while you’re living here—sing HU, the most beautiful prayer.” —Harold Klemp, The Slow Burning Love of God, p. 199 What is the most important relationship to nurture? Answer: Your own inner sacred connection to God. To receive more love, give more love, sing a love song to God every day. RSVP via Meetup. Zoom and phone-conference login details will be sent by Meetup message on Saturday evening, August 29th, to those who RSVP. If questions, contact Alan Blake at [masked]. This online event is sponsored by the Wisconsin Satsang Society, a Chartered Affiliate of ECKANKAR.

All in person ECKANKAR activities are suspended through October 31st

Due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus, Eckankar in Wisconsin has continued the suspension of all in-person public ECK events through October 31, 2020. We are holding online public ECK events and encourage you to check back periodically for news of upcoming online events. We recognize this is a difficult time and we hope to stay in touch with all those interested in Spiritual Freedom. Feel free to contact our organizer(s) if you’d like to discuss spiritual topics. Click on the “Message" button/icon, below/near the Organizer(s) name/photo.

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Experience HU, the Sound of Soul! - Online Event

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