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Experience Consciousness Sacramento (ECoSac) is committed to the exploration of the consciousness through the practical application of everyday experiences!

At the 2018 Awakened Summit presented by CoHack, Dr. Adam Gazzaley first introduced me to the concept of closed loop analysis of experience considering four phases:

(1) Prime, (2) Settings, (3) Context, (4) Integration.

Using these criterion, we may more deeply learn from our experiences no matter where they fall in our timeline.

The idea for this organization, ECoSac, is rooted in the role of community outreach serving as the design criteria for the application development of a tool useful to us, the individual. In accordance with practicality, the concept for this application is to:

• centralize existing free resources for personal development

• compliment the development with a proven survey format for check-ins

• collectively review analytical findings from your use that you find meaningful

• identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) to the development

In this group, you can expect to receive postings of the development as illustrated through the design/build process. You can also look forward to meetings (likely remote for the indefinite future) that will enable group discussions on the development as it happens. We will hope to incorporate community leaders presentations in these meetings on subjects related to the measurable growth through experiences (given or received). Please contact me directly with any inquiries, thank you!

Peace, Stephen Burke

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