What we're about

Calling all EDM fans! If you love any type of electronic dance music then this is the meet up for you, and there is a bigger vision that we need YOUR help with to bring it to life!

So whether you love Deep House, Trance, Electro House, Techno, and/or more is welcome! Our vision is to create a great party brand where we will become like family to eachother and shake up CT's nightlife.

Hi my name is Ryan, and I am a DJ and EDM fan. I started this group to bring EDM fans, DJ's, Producers, and Venues together. The vision is to assemble a team of EDM fans who will help with organizing events, an amazing group of EDM DJ's who can perform at said events (both locally and even bring bigger name acts to headline), and to use our numbers and talent to have Venues begging to host our parties.

If this sounds like something you would like to be a part of, or peaks your interest but you are curious to understand the full vision better then I highly encourage you to join us for a meet up, or maybe I should have led with.. THERE WILL ALSO BE FREE DONUTS AND COFFEE!!! :)

I'm still working out the details but thats why I'd like to hear from you and gain some additional feedback, I believe the secret to all great achievements in life is a combination of passion and teamwork, so if you love EDM then we have the passion, and if you join this group then we have the team! Lets do it!

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