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The 5 Principles to Results Driven Marketing

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Coppola's on 9

2373 South Road · Poughkeepsie, NY

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We are in the back room.

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The 5 Principles to Results Drive Marketing

Did you know that according to small business owners in the United States, the biggest area of wasted money in their businesses is in marketing?

"So small business owners thinking marketing is a waste of money?"


"Didn't you just say they did?"


"I'm confused, please explain."

Small business owners don't think that marketing is a waste of money, they know that the way they have been spending their money on marketing is a waste. Meaning, they are not getting the results they desire/need to make it worthwhile for them.

Did you know that one of the greatest investments you can make in your business is in an effective marketing campaign?

If your marketing is an investment, not an expense, this means that you are receiving a quality return on your marketing investment. You are receiving qualiifed prospects.

At this month's meeting we will work on the 5 elements of effective marketing. These principles apply to all forms of advertising: print, radio, television, web, email and word-of-mouth.

As the first piece in the Strategic Revenue Cycle (Marketing, Sales, Service) this is a very important session that will allow you to use, the next day, what you work on and develop that night.

Let's continue to grow the group with quality business owners. The more we can help each other's businesses reach greater levels of success, the better it will be for our communities.

Please see if you can invite one business owner you know to attend with you. They will thank you for it...this will be a powerful session on marketing.

Look forward to seeing you then.