EFF-Austin Presents The Cypherpunks Strike Back - Tomorrow's Tech Activism Today

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The annual EFF-Austin Cyberpunk Party is upon us! Check back at this space for additional details as they are confirmed.

In the ongoing crises of our present moment, it is easy to succumb to apathy. Our personal information stolen and compromised, our rights eroded and our privacy erased, our own technological tools weaponized by state and private actors to sow disinformation and distrust. In the midst of all this paranoid confusion, it is tempting to hunker down and hope this futureshock storm will pass us by. We wonder, what can we do to make a difference, to make sure that our rights are protected in a world in desperate need of great cognitive security.

At EFF-Austin's beloved annual party, we will meet and engage with a variety of modern activists who are showing us how we can fight for a better world where our technology works for and empowers us. Our keynote speakers are Caroline Old Coyote and Michael Running Wolf, Native American VR/AR activists who are using technology to preserve their cultures and heritage. Additional speakers include EFF Investigative Researcher David Maass discussing police surveillance, government transparency, and legislation in California, former EFF-Austin president Jon Lebkowsky, Carly Rose Jackson with Texans For Voter Choice, and Vikki Goodwin, Democratic candidate for Texas House District 47.

In addition to this inspiring group of activists, musical acts will include Michael Garfield, Pilgrimess, and UBA. There will also be custom video game consoles, lockpicking, and cosplay. Finally, leading up to the party will be the world's first cyborg pride parade (http://effaustin.org/cyborg-pride-parade/). As the electronic frontier moves into our bodies, it is important that we cyber-libertarians march as allies alongside the cyborgs among us and the cyborgs we will all someday become. What do we want? cyborg rights! When do we want them? Now! We hope to see you all there!

Sponsored by Polycot Associates and The Operator Foundation


7:00pm-7:30pm - Michael Garfield
7:30pm-7:40pm - Open remarks from Kevin Welch, Jon Lebkowsky, Owen McNally
7:40pm-8:10pm - Caroline Old Coyote and Michael Running Wolf
8:20pm-8:50pm - Dave Maass
9:00pm-9:30pm - Pilgrimess
9:40pm-10:00pm - Vikki Goodwin and Rob Matney
10:00pm-10:20pm - Carly Rose Jackson
10:30pm-11:00pm - UBA