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Join top rated EFT practitioner and master trainer of trainers Alina Frank and her husband Dr. Craig Weiner as they assists you with what some call, "the greatest innovation in the last 100 years" Bring in your physical, emotional, and spiritual obstacles through the type of tapping that's been clinically researched. Continuing Ed hours for mental health care professionals. "EFT is a simple, powerful process that can profoundly
influence gene activity, health and behavior." Dr. Bruce Lipton

EFT workshop
No prior knowledge of EFT is needed just a desire to work through your issues, and challenges. You can bring your health problems, relationship conflicts, abundance turmoils- you name it and we will assist you in finding the core obstacles that have stopped you from healing.

"EFT offers great healing benefits". Deepak Chopra

We employ gentle, proven, powerful techniques. You will learn the tools you need to collapse problems on your own after level 1.

"Future medicine will be based on controlled energy fields."
Prof. William Tiller, Ph.D. (Stanford University)

To learn EFT in depth, if you plan on incorporating into your healing arts practice , want to take an EFT workshop please visit http://www.efttappingtraining.com for our full workshop schedule

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Sisterhood of Surrender 2022

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Women's Tapping Circle

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Money Mindset Mastery

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