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The "EFT Circle" is a great introduction to Emotional Freedom Technique. It is a place to finish working on something from previous sessions, to set up a “tapping routine” and to help you realize how much we are all alike inside,ending self-imposed isolation so many experience.

I created this EFT group to share my passion for EFT with the Montreal community and to put it in the hands of as many people as possible
I am one of the first EFTUniverse and the first Matrix Reimprinting trainer in Canada and regularly hold EFT/ Matrix Reimprinting groups and trainings.
EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) often also known as "Tapping" and Matrix Reimprinting (which is based on EFT)are gaining worldwide acceptance as primary healing modalities for any area of life from emotional upsets to fears to trauma to removing blocks to a life filled with joy and peace! Ultimately it helps us to be ourselves, freeing ourselves up from the limitations of our past beliefs and the hold negative past experiences have had on us. Learn how to clear past events or memories that get triggered frequently Remove the blocks to creating more abundance and success in your life and find out how you can use EFT to heal from chronic physical and/or emotional pain. Eliminate phobias, fears, anxiety, and feelings of sadness or depression

The beauty of EFT is that you can process your limiting beliefs whether you openly participate or prefer to remain private. As long as you tune into your emotional or physical issue, you will most likely see it resolve or significantly improve.

Join up and learn how to experience a life that is beyond anything you could imagine.

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