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Do you want to feel more vibrantly alive and free of weight from the past; more empowered and effective in improving the quality of your own life? Tapping into the Field was created to help people do just that! It's a healing meditation that combines centering/grounding, Emotional Freedom Technique, holographic guided imagery and (often) the playing of singing bowls.

It's goal is to help you release heavy energy or emotional charge, bringing your being back into more wholeness and balance, creating an inner environment where you can assimilate higher vibrational states more permanently into your experience here. The results are powerful transformations in the quality of your life.

EFT is spreading around the world like wildfire! People everywhere are discovering it's power & effectiveness to help them transform themselves and their lives by getting free of their pasts. From enhancing your performance, to really believing in yourself, to moving through your life with more joy, love and presence, the effects of tapping are often startling powerful and effective! It really does work...and not just for until the effects of the peace that you experience wears off, or until you are back into the same old situation. Tapping is one of the best new tools for transforming your experience of yourself and of living. Millions of people now can testify!

More than a thousand people have done tapping with me in the past 17 years. Making it available in a group setting is something I have done throughout that time.

The group offers it's own intensification of healing energy; it reassures people as they Brave Up to do this powerful work that the world is full of people who are doing the same; it creates a feeling of safety and privacy; and because of the amplification of combined energy, intent and openness, it invites a greater accumulation of spiritual support.

Tapping is EMPOWERING! It is the kind of healing method that you can use as part of your self care and growth routine, once you know the elements that make it most effective.

This group is for you whether you know EFT already or don't.

Say you want more abundance in your life. As we have all learned now, it's not enough to just want it, even to visualize it, you must clear your path of your doubts, fears, blocks, and obstacles of any kind. The clearer your path is, the more capacity for manifesting the life and experience you want becomes! EFT (and it's cousins) clears your path.

Come alone (you'll feel very welcomed) or bring a group of your friends and family. Come once just to try it out, or come regularly to support your efforts to heal and transform your life.

Tapping Into the Field weaves together tapping, guided imagery, vibrational medicine, and meditation to create life changing experiences that can catapult you to the life you want for yourself and your family.

The series is on-going, so you can begin at any time you'd like.

Go to Today's Tapping (http://www.todaystapping.com) (my blog site) for a video on tapping, for meditation podcasts and more. My Nakaia website (http://www.nakaia.com) has more information about the methods that I use to help people obtain often incredible results!

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