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Have you been looking for a concrete way to move forward on stuck issues in your life and feel great doing it?

If so, you’re in the right place. :)

EFT Tapping is an innovative, evidence-based health practice that’s helped millions worldwide find happiness through relief. A form of self-applied acupressure, tapping works with the body’s nervous system to recondition our habitual response to daily challenges.

Whether you’re looking to address:

...A chocolate cake habit
...A fear of heights
...Interpersonal issues
...Old programming
...Anxious feelings
...A stress-related physical challenge

—Or any number of personal challenges, there’s a good chance tapping can help. And working in a group with like-minded people feels *amazing*.

The EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) process combines the use of focused words with acupressure tapping on face and body points. Tapping with your own fingertips on specific energy points helps you to get unstuck, resolve inner blocks, and feel more grounded. This process can be done alone or in a group and is most effective with a trained EFT practitioner. Regular use of EFT will allow you to achieve and maintain emotional balance and well-being.

Join us for one of our Saturday workshops and prepare to surprise yourself with your progress! Led by certified practitioner JennMarie Diaz, our half-day workshops combine individual exercises with facilitated tapping demonstrations to help you get quicker and better results on your issues.

To learn more about the science behind EFT Tapping or to contact JennMarie, visit http://sweetreliefcenter.com

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Chicago EFT Tapping Circle

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