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Our group are like-minded people for living with positive thoughts & words, positive feelings, prayers, empowering others, helping others and self with their/our transformation or/and balance. Enjoying service to others, sending out & receiving good vibes of Love, Compassion, Harmony, Forgiveness, Universal Peace, Light, positive Prayer, empowering and helping people with life purpose, daily experiences, our journey, and living in unity harmony with each other. Also, help & share Spirit, Mind, Body subjects, classes, workshops for a happy, healthy and balanced life. Nurturing our children, animals, and ourselves for our community. Truth seekers working with like minded to experience happy times and positive experiences daily.

Setting the example by recycling, composting vegetables (returning to the earth what we take), eating healthy by reading labels & eating living food, planting yard gardens & edible landscaping (blueberry bushes, pecan trees) yard fruit trees. Also, using non-harmful products to earth, water & us, products that our great grandparents used (like vinegar to clean mirrors), using consciously made products, & organics (whenever we can): picking up trash (without complaining), planting trees in our yards cutting down storm water into our creeks, rivers, lakes & oceans. Grow plants without the use of toxic pesticides or synthetic fertilizers. Using bio fuels, solar panels, electric cars (whenever we can) by being stewards of our earth and water daily

Supporting & educating our environmental protection, eliminating watershed issues, & water protectors of oceans, rivers, creeks, lakes, ponds and drinking water. Supporting fair trade, consciously made products, & organics. Creating positive actions to restore our water, earth, animals, people, & plants to good health and balance. Supporting our organic farmers and enjoy the benefits from our green living!

Saving energy by turning off lights, tv, fans, etc. when not using or in the room. Switch to energy saving light bulbs and appliances where ever we can. Also, by stop letting your car run, ride your bike or walk to the store when ever you can.

Switching back to glass instead of plastic, using unharmful containers, like recycling pickle jars for our left overs, recycled paper, recycling ink cartridges, clear trash bags (least chemicals) etc. Finding new uses for your old items, repairing items, and/or giving to someone else who can use it instead of throwing in the trash. {Some people’s trash is another's treasure} Living in conscience awareness of eco friendly green living by setting the example daily. Resisting the urge to hunt for sport and hunting for food only or switching to eating all vegetables, nuts, & fruits (alkaline forming foods) what’s best for balance and us.

Gathering together for sharing or participate with alternative health, reiki, angels of love, arch angels, guardian angels, non-ordinary reality, other dimensions, psychic gifts, psychic development, assist & support gifted children, aura, aura reading, chakras, quantum physics, near death experiences, drum circles, sound therapy, present moment awareness living, breath work, meditation, harmonic energy medicine, frequency, & energy balancing, color therapy, acupressure, meridian energy flow, reiki classes, pet reiki, reiki for kids, & reiki healing circles or energy healer shares, divine & soul purpose, life path, eating healthy or vegetarian, herbs, live whole food for self improvement. Native American medicine women & man, shamanism, medicine wheel, sweat lodge, feng shui, yoga, massage, homeopathy, detoxification, foot bath detox, colonic irrigation, reflexology, EFT, indigo, qi qong, tai chi, astrology, life & birth natal charts, relocation help, magnetic therapy & healing, numerology, akashic records, past life in dreams, past life regression, out of body experience, remote viewing, develop clairvoyance, positive thoughts, water, earth, learning, teaching, kinesiology & muscle testing, exercise, organic gardening, seeds, & foods, yard gardens, weight loss, alkaline forming foods, eating healthy, LOVE water & earth project, workshops, law of attraction, law of acceptance, law of consequence, timeless wisdom, and more.

Offering support, relief, and wellness options for chronic pain, migraines, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, sarcoidosis auto immune, crohn's, depression, ADHD, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, ADD, attention deficit disorder, CID, communication interaction disorder, bipolar, SAD, seasonal affect disorder, fibroids, cancer, healthy eating, healthy weight loss, plus more. We are a Reiki resource, reiki teachers, animal reiki, sound therapy, psychic development, frequency balancing, & other balancing options, as well. Also, offering support for grief loss of a loved one or pet, divorce, our children, and job changes. We love sending and receiving unconditional love!

A resource for Spirit, Mind, Body Expos, festivals, classes and speakers. Positive community involvement & foundation with volunteer opportunities. Balancer's & protectors of our earth and water. Leaving the earth & the universe better than we found it. Enjoying performing random acts of kindness and compassion.

Enjoying the shift of higher consciousness, residing in, spreading more love, compassion, harmony, unity light and sharing our prosperity. Accelerating spiritual growth & training for those who would like this experience. We are successful, balanced, positive thinkers and doers. We have many gifted teachers, reiki master teachers, spiritual advisors, life purpose & life path coaches and life long students. We are experiencing or educating many different ways of holistic health, wellness, balance, and natural healthy ways of happy living.

Thank you for joining with us.

Earth Helpers & Spirit, Mind, Body Group - Lake Norman, Earth Helpers Water Protectors Spirit, Mind, Body Group-Lake Norman, or Energy Healers & Spirit, Mind, Body Group - Lake Norman

Disclaimer - At no time will our group members attempt to provide medical or mental health therapy. By joining our group you affirm that it's appropriate for you/them and does not conflict with existing medical or psychiatric treatment. Always follow the advice of your doctor or other professional medical practitioner. Any discussions are meant only to suggest options, sharing, and if doesn’t feel right simple leave our group.

Waiver of Liability - By joining our group voluntarily you accept full responsibility for anything arising from any activities, locations, and shall hold harmless all parties involved in Earth Helpers Water Protectors Spirit, Mind, Body Group-Lake Norman, Earth Helpers & Spirit, Mind, Body Group - Lake Norman or Energy Healer & Spirit, Mind, Body Group - Lake Norman and Charlotte NC areas. Love Harmony Universal Peace and Thanks

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