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Executives in Motion [EIM] helps senior management, professionals and executives who are now or believe they will ultimately be in a career transition. We provide you with networking and other connections plus information on strategies and tactics to make that transition smoother, faster and more productive. Our membership is comprised of individuals who are at the director, VP or "C" level or who have senior managerial or professional, engineering, IT or scientific backgrounds that are substantial. Senor level personnel like this normally have a minimum of ten years of professional experience and current or recent compensation of at least $120,000 per year.

As a member of this meetup, you will be notified of every live networking meeting we have for individuals that are in or considering a career or job transition and who are in the at the director, VP or "C" level. We have 8-10 such meetings each year. They are attended by 30-40 individuals on average and are considered the best networking opportunity in the Upper Midwest for senior or executive level professionals in transition. The cost for attendance is $30.

Separately, we maintain an on-line membership organization and networking platform at Executives in Motion. (http://www.executivesinmotion.com)

The cost for membership is $20 per month and there are many benefits. Please use the link provided and explore it as a valuable tool during your career and job transition

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