What we're about


This group is for anyone who likes producing electronic music using software, and/or wishes to learn new production skills, other software products, find out about various plug-ins, and take their mixes to the next level.

There is no particular skill requirement to join the group. However if you are a beginner, we recommend you at least try a demo version of a popular DAW software package, and watch some free tutorials on youtube before coming to your first meeting.

We mostly concentrate on Ableton Live and various plug-ins but we’re open to other DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) software, e.g. Logic, Cubase, Sonar, Reason, etc. PC or Mac – it doesn’t matter.

Hardware music makers are also welcome, so if you like making electronic music without a computer, well, we do too!

Once you join, check out the “Pages” section with useful information, e.g. links to plug-ins we use, tutorial videos, etc.

Structure of Our Events

We usually have a couple of presenters each time showing various techniques that most producers could benefit from. The presentations last 10-20 minutes each, plus Q&A. After that, it’s a free-form forum for everyone to chat, exchange ideas, contact info, etc.


Membership is free. However, there may be a small (e.g. $10) fee per event to cover the room/equipment rental. We will let you know on the invite if the venue requires a donation.


If you are interested in presenting a topic at a particular event, please contact the organizer with the details. Presenters benefit from
• Free instant and invaluable feedback from the other members
• Recognition – you’ll be famous in our circle :)


Here is the list of topics regularly covered at our events
• Intro to Ableton Live
• Basic computer / studio set-up
• Synthesizers and sound design
• Mixing techniques
• Unique plug-ins
• Reverbs
• EQing
• Compression and compression techniques, e.g. sidechaning
• Glitch/stutter effects
• Guitar effects
• Bass sound
• Useful tips/tricks/shortcuts
• DJing with Ableton Live
• Using Live for live performances

Past events (94)

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