What we're about

We empower international students in their career development, building confidence and connections!


Yes we get it, being an international student is not easy.

Continue reading if you are tired of people not being able to pronounce your full name - SAME HERE!

Continue reading if you ever feel intimidated being in a new country.

Continue reading if you just want someone who understands you as who you are...



Our mantra is that everybody has a unique value to offer regardless of where they are from, we are here to EMPOWER, motivate and guide you to grow as a professional and reach your fullest potential in this new country.

We build confidence and pave a way for each international student to successfully breakthrough their own potential through series of events and workshops, 1:1 career-focused support system and various leadership opportunities.

Join us and learn from lived experiences from local professionals/newcomers. Connect, have fun and make new friends with those who understand you best.


You can expect the following topics at our MeetUps:

• Personal Development

• Career Development

• Job Searching Topics (Resume, Cover Letter, Interview)

• Make New Friends!

• Study Tips & Tricks

• Mentorship

• Cultures

• Many more! Let us know what you want to talk about!

More about EMPOWER, visit our website: https://www.empowerinternationalstudents.com/

Upcoming events (5+)

💻🔍Developer Resume Review

211 Robson St

What does it take to write a technical resume? How to best highlight your experience, personal projects and coding ability? Get a free 1:1 developer resume review session from an experienced software developer in top tech company! Walk away and learn how to: Highlight your achievements, tailor your resume to specific job posting, proof-reading, grammar and resume layout recommendations. Session will only be hosted if you sign up via this link: https://www.empowerinternationalstudents.com/1-1-support/developer-resume-review

📝 FREE 1:1 Resume Review - Surrey Library

10350 University Dr

Get one hour of free resume building and review session from local professionals and make your resume stand out among others! Receive feedback and action plan on how to build stronger and outstanding resume that employer will stop and notice! - no strings attached! We are not trying to sell you anything here!! Here are a few highlights from the session: Highlight your your skills that match the job you want Curate professional summary Feature your achievements using STAR method Targeted industry keywords (finance, marketing, HR etc.) Proofread your resume Resume design, template, colors and fonts More! Register here: https://www.empowerinternationalstudents.com/1-1-support/resume-review-with-ali-najaf-1

Canadian Education & Immigration Orientation (by appointment Only)

""*Please NOTE this is not a weekly group event, this is a One on One Free orientation by appointment only any day during the week*** Are you a visitor? Are you an ESL student? Are you an International student? Are you a Working Holiday? Are you looking to extend your studies in Canada? Are you looking forward to immigrate to Canada? If you answered YES to any of the questions above, then you should definitely send a private message with a brief description of your situation to Esteban Márquez (Steve), Director of OhvivaCanada.com Agency. Thank you very much for reading and enjoy your stay in Vancouver! ^^

🕺Let's Talk! - Cover Letter 101

Charisma Cafe & Dessert House

Looking to get a job and friends in a new country? This group conversation MeetUp is for you! Every two weeks we meet to discuss about career development topics such as Resume, LinkedIn, Cover Letter Interview and more to help you prepare for your next job! This week the topic will be on how write cover letter to go with your resume. We will work together to: • Match your cover letter to the job • Find out what to include in cover letter • Highlight relevant skills for the job • How to speak their language and write a summary of why you are right for the job Please bring existing cover letters and example of jobs you are applying to. This is a fun and casual group conversation where we EMPOWER everyone to be the best versions of themselves. Together, we provide support, help each other and of course have fun! Topics each session will be decided as a group! Tell us what you want to talk about and learn next!

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