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FREE REIKI - Energy Healing and psychic Outreach Every Tuesday 6pm - 8pm
We need Healers and Psychics: Contact Brian to schedule the Tuesdays you can commit to each month. Please come early. I will be there at 5:30. This is the perfect opportunity to practice your energy healing modalities and psychic intuition. Gain experience for your own business. All work must be offered for free, but you may pass out your business cards to prospective new clients to help you grow. We have extra massage tables for healers and regular tables psychics. Plus a Reiki Share table for trainees and healer’s. Sorry no smudging, incense or canted candles. P.S. Brian dreams of turning the outreach concept into multi-practitioner Alternative Healing Clinics. You will be part of that dream with your weekly commitment and support. Feel free to cut and past the text into a document or email or give to others. Edit as you see fit. Here's the address for easy copy. You can find flyers and much more at

Spiritual Sanctuary

7209 South Puget Sound Avenue · Tacoma

What we're about

ENERGY HEALER’S MEETUP -- This Site is for Healers
To make these things happen, we need a fairly regular core group of healers. You can be part of this team and SO MUCH MORE - KEEP READING. I look forward to see you at regular Tuesday healing

The group may start out as a healing energy share for healers to heal healers, but could grow in to a much larger event or series of meetups. The purpose is to learn, practice and help each other in our continuing path as energy healers. There will be opportunities for beginners of Reiki or Healing Touch to work on basics of sensing aura/chakras as will as introductory techniques. For the higher skilled and professional practitioners there will be opportunities to share, learn, practice and receive healings. Another area of practice is in the psychic senses as they pertain to healing, seeing auras, channeling unconditional love and working with spiritual guides/healers. We may even do discussions on energy, healing, case studies and scientific evidence of how our efforts can be quantified and verified through the many science studies already available. I would also like to discuses practitioner’s specific cases, fallowing HIPAA regulations not to disclose any patient details. The group is open to all serious energy healers such as Reiki, Healing Touch, Quantum Touch, Shamans and every other energy healing practice. I also encourage healers to extend their skills to non-humans ie: animals, plants, forests, the earth, spirits, angles and other beings aligned with the Light of unconditional Love in our multiverse.

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The Big Picture
Start now to be part of the future -- Community Healing and Spirit Centers

I see the church outreach as a first step in creating Community Healing and Spirit Centers. These are inspired by the Brazilian Sportiest Centers but Americanized. That is to put a number of probationers into their own businesses. The centers will be a healing clinic like a medical clinic but caters first to the alternative medicines. The idea is to provide space for independent practitioners to work in a common, coordinated environment. It might even include the features of a spa, meditation garden, library, meeting rooms and other spiritualist resources. There would also be education and training to the general public on all subjects of healthy living and spirituality. This would all be setup in a low cost easy to duplicate format that would allow it to be duplicated all across America and around the world at a grassroots level. Allowing everyone to have easy access to non-evasive healing first before using complementary western medicine. Another area is to provide the help desperately needed to people waking up to their spiritual gifts and have no understand of what’s going on with them. This is to fuel the understanding that being physic is what a normal health human is. The church outreach is an opportunity to learn, grow and provide experience for everyone involved at just one step at a time.

Future projects with the church may include semi-annual Spiritual and Healing Fairs as well maybe a Spiritualist Halloween even. Come be a part of this fantastic dream and help make it a reality.

To make these things happen, we need a fairly regular core group of healers. You can be part of this team. I look forward to see you at regular Tuesday healing. Yes this was worth repeating :)

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