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We welcome individuals from all industries who are active or interested in utilizing, investing or developing the EOS blockchain eco system.

Meetups will take place in the Bay Area & Silicon Valley

We will begin with regular mixer meetups at cool bars and then do larger events where appropriate. At times we will be partnering with other meetup groups like SF EOS.

This meetup group is run by EOS Silicon Valley(EOSSV).

EOS Silicon Valley is a Block Producer in Silicon Valley. Our team comes from renowned institutions and companies including Google, Apple, Lyft, Oracle, Baidu, Tencent, Stanford and Carnegie Melon.

Our goal is to accelerate the advent of decentralization by bringing compelling mass market dapps(Decentralized Applications) to market. We do this by bringing developers, designers, industry experts, users, and investors together.

We believe Companies will be replaced by Communities and so that's what we are building.

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