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EOS Waterloo is dedicated to growing the local community and bettering everyone's understanding of this foundational and far reaching technology. Let's meetup, explore ideas, ask questions, exchange information, and contribute.

EOS is creating new and exciting opportunities. Development is being led by veterans in the field, and it is one of the highest rated and innovative blockchain technologies, pushing boundaries and inventing the concept of Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS). Main-net launch, the first of its kind, is scheduled for June of 2018 so there's no shortage of things to talk about!


Decentralized blockchains are the biggest tech advance since the Internet's hypertext transfer protocol. Blockchains are giving businesses and individuals greater control and autonomy over their payment systems, accounting, and contract management systems...among so much more. Blockchains are on track to transform the world economy and empower communities in ways not seen since the dawn of the Internet.

This space is growing fast, it's experimental, fascinating, and driven by communities of enterprising and forward thinking individuals who are asking questions, sifting through the FUD, and exploring new ways of doing things - while working together.

Please, without hesitation, contact an organizer with any suggestions or questions you may have.

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