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Welcome to the Dallas EOS meetup! This group was started to provide a community and resource for the project in the Dallas - Ft Worth metroplex.

What is EOS?

EOS is more than just web3 or blockchain 3.0, it is a true internet operating system for the people, by the people. It's more than just the most scalable blockchain framework for Dapps ever created too... it's a self governing decentralized society with it's own constitution.

Why EOS over Ethereum?

As many in the blockchain developer community have learned over the last few years, there is simply no way to scale up the level of transactions/users on existing Blockchain 1.0-2.0 technology. In order for blockchains to garner real mainstream adoption, the Dapps we build must be able to be indistinguishable from their modern counterparts.

We are strong proponents of the principles behind the EOS project and believe that this technology will be transformative and disruptive to countless industries in the coming years. We are seeing the maturity of blockchain technology before our eyes and there is no better time to get involved.

This group is actively seeking people to help us organize, promote and sponsor events. We will be working through 2018 to bring some of the most progressive blockchain events to the Dallas - Fort Worth area. If you are interested, please your interests and how you want to help to -

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