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The Denver EOS group is focused on providing education, support and networking events centered around the EOS platform and community in the city of Denver, CO.

What exactly is EOS?

EOS is the brainchild of blockchain engineer Dan Larimer (https://bytemaster.github.io/) and Block One (http://block.one).

Why EOS over Ethereum?

As many in the blockchain developer community have learned over the last few years, there is simply no way to scale up the level of transactions/users on existing Blockchain 1.0-2.0 technology. In order for blockchains to garner real mainstream adoption, the Dapps we build must be able to be indistinguishable from their modern counterparts.

We are strong proponents of the principles behind the EOS project and believe that this technology will be transformative and disruptive to countless industries in the coming years. We are seeing the maturity of blockchain technology before our eyes and there is no better time to get involved.

How is EOS different from other more well known crypto like Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc...

What you need to understand is that we are currently in the early 3rd wave of blockchain technology.

Bitcoin was blockchain 1.0.

Ethereum was blockchain 2.0.

EOS is blockchain 3.0, and it's almost here!

Transaction speed, throughput, scalability, governance, ID, file system, smart contracts, and all without burning a small countries worth of electricity in the process. In this presentation, EOS Dallas Meetup founder Steve Floyd will be presenting a basic introduction of the history, resources, technology, governance model and block production for developers and enthusiasts alike to get a better understanding of where to start with the platform.

But where do you begin to get ahead of the curve before Dawn 3.0 - the final public release that launches this summer (June 2018)?

There is a lot to cover between now and then, so join us along this journey to decentralize everything!

***Follow us on Twitter for up-to-date EOS related content: @EOSDenver***

We look forward to seeing you soon!!!

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