What we're about

What is EOSYVR?

EOSYVR stands for the EOS Community in Vancouver supported by a solid EOS block producer candidate rooted in Vancouver.

We envision one powerful EOS blockchain to connect all blockchain stakeholders.

We aim to bring the EOS communities together to grow up with this #1 blockchain, as called for by its creators, and support all other EOS chains honoring the token snapshot provided by block.one.

We are committed to serving as a bridge between block.one and the communities of EOS stakeholders.

We seek to unite token holders from every nationality, through all language barriers, to build the new internet of value.

We exist to provide resources and a blockchain launch banner for the community, so we can unite for a smooth and successful genesis block.

We are open to help from anyone who wishes to make a difference. We will empower community members to make a name for themselves, so they may create new opportunities to make a difference in this new world economy.

What We Do?

We exist to help EOS stakeholders and the community stay connected transparently.

We help community members network with dapp companies to create life changing opportunities in this new era of disruption.

We are not block.one, but instead a DAC (Decentralized Autonomous Community) built for EOS. We are a self-organized group of community enthusiasts helping facilitate to build blockchain communities in the new way --- the blockchain way.

Tools for anyone to work together and share progress, including:

• EOSYVR calculates and recordes all efforts contributed by every community member.

• Forums to ask/answer questions, help with governance, declare candidacy, build dapps, gain funding, and provide value to the community.

• Impartial EOS news, including Telegram summaries and republishing of block.one updates.

• Telegram group (EOSYVR) to help any members spread the word about work they’ve done.

• Video interviews with block.one, block producers, DAPP teams, and anyone else seeking to make a difference in EOS.

• Educational resources.

What you can do next?

• Attend or host meetups, get to know other impact-makers in the EOS community, create your launch party plans for June.

• Living in a non-English speaking community? EOSYVR seeks ambassadors to initiate this global effort in many countries and local languages.

• Connect with people on Telegram (EOSYVR) or the forums to see how others are making an impact in EOS, recruit others to create dapps, seek funding through block.one or the community.

• Find your passion and begin pursuing it - looking for a new job? Dapp teams will need engineers, designers, marketers, secretaries and CEOs. EOS itself will need arbitrators and even custodians; the blockchain will serve as a decentralized autonomous company and will have its own employees. Opportunities are an unlimited resource.

Let’s band together and launch this new paradigm in value creation. Thank you for reading, and join EOSYVR!

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EOSYVR on Rise

EOS Land - EOS Block Producer candidate

EOSYVR on Rise

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EOSYVR on Rise

EOS Land - EOS Block Producer candidate

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