#BuiltOnEOSIO Special 2.0 - Exploring the potential of EOS

EOS Israel
EOS Israel
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Traffic Lords LTD

Zeev Jabotinsky St 2 · Ramat Gan

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Traffic Lords Space. Atrium Building, 24th Floor. Jabotinsky #2, Ramat Gan

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What an exciting time to meet again folks!

This time we are meeting on our second episode on our #BuiltOnEOS Series, where we explore the Possibilities that the EOSIO software enables.

This meetup is Jam-Packed with Juicy Content:
From faster and scalable application Layers (LiquidAPPS), the exploding digital assets and gaming market (WAX), up to new ways to organize communities, organizations, and our society as a Whole (EOSDAC).

The Menu for the evening:

19:30 - Mingling, Beers & Pizza

19:50 - Yael @ Blockchain Israel - Blockchain for Social Impact Hackathon 11-12 of July

20:00 - Hernan Arber @ EOS Israel - #B1June & BP Summit Recap

20:20 - Beni Hakak @ LiquidApps - The Application layer of Blockchain

20:40 - Luke Stokes @ EOSDAC - BP Spotlight

21:00 - Malcom Casselle @ WAX - Digital Assets powered by EOSIO

Come early if you want to enjoy Beer, Pizza, and the great company of the EOS Community in Israel. And stay until the end if you want to get some EOS Swag and get to listen to our great speakers share their wisdom.

We want to thank our amazing sponsors @ LiquidEOS, and we are also super thankful to our new friends @ Traffic Lords, for hosting us in their super-comfy meeting room, located in the Atrium Building in Ramat Gan.

So! RSVP. Book your Calendar. Set the alarm. and get ready for our upcoming EOS Israel Meetup!

See you there ;-)

Hernan @ EOS Israel