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The Economic Round Table is composed of members from different sectors of the business community in San Francisco. We have been meeting weekly since 1940 to hear presentations about current issues in business, politics, law, etc. Although the focus of the group is on economic issues, topics are not limited to this field alone.

To become a member, attend three meetings and pay the annual dues of $200' which pays for a year's worth of coffee and pastry breakfasts.

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Susan Stone "Mediating Community Disputes" Host: Leon Blum

Susan Stone is a trainer of restorative justice practices for the San Francisco District Attorney’s Neighborhood Courts program. She also conducts victim-offender conferencing for the San Mateo Juvenile Probation Department, as well as community dispute mediations for the Peninsula Conflict Resolution Center, the Department of Police Accountability, and victim-offender workshops at San Quentin and Maguire Correctional Facility.

Jon Haveman "AUTOMATED CARS & THEIR SOCIETAL IMPACT" Host:Sherman Coultas (HF)

John Haveman is the executive director of the National Economic Education Delegation (NEED). NEED is an organization with a mission of spreading economic insights into important policy issues throughout the electorate. He holds a Ph.D. and Master of Science in economics from the University of Michigan and a B.S. in economics from the University of Wisconsin. Dr. Haveman is widely considered to be one of California’s leading experts on the economics of seaports, goods movement and international trade policy. He is also an expert in regional economies and local economic development. Dr. Haveman will talk about “Automated Cars and their Societal Impact.”

Lori Brooke & Mark Nagel "RescueSF" Host: Sherman Coultas (KC)

"San Francisco is decaying before our eyes. Homelessness continues to be unchecked. Property crime batters our neighborhoods. San Franciscans feel they have no voice and are helpless to solve the city’s problems. But together, our voices will be heard. We want clean and safe streets. RescueSF is a coalition of residents from across the city, and we seek to restore the quality of life in San Francisco. We are working on behalf of everyone in our city -- people who live and work here and people who visit. To find lasting solutions, RescueSF is launching a speakers series -- called RescueSF Speakers. What are the causes of homelessness? Which solutions have and haven't worked? What might be an effective path for San Francisco?" (From RescueSF website) Community Advocate Lori Brooke and Mark Nagel from the RescueSF Leadership Team will brief ERT members and guests on the RescueSF initiative – how and why it started, how it is developing and what are the next steps. More information about RescueSF is at www.rescuesf.org

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