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What we’re about

Let's practice your English!

Unlike an ESL class, here we discuss interesting topics, socialize, laugh, and learn in an easy, effortless way.

No pressure, just practice!

The atmosphere is relaxed. We meet in a public place and enjoy tea or coffee and snacks. Friends are welcome!

We meet on weeknights, weekends, and in the daytime.

You will enjoy yourself as you improve your English conversation skills and learn about American culture and idiom.

Please join us!

We look forward to meeting you. And improving your English!

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Tom is a native New Yorker. He grew up in Brooklyn and has lived here most of his life. Tom has traveled extensively in Asia and Europe, and understands how difficult learning a new language can be.

For more than twenty years, Tom has worked as a writer and editor for publications such as Backstage, Individual Investor, and TV Guide. He has worked in corporate communications for firms such as TIAA-CREF and NBC Universal. Tom now runs an ESL tutoring company.

Tom taught English pronunciation, writing, and conversational skills at NYC's International Center for more than six years. He has a degree in English from Pace University.

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This group is sponsored by: Tom's Tutoring NYC
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This is NOT a language exchange. This group is designed exclusively for foreign-born adults who are learning English in the Greater New York City area.

We are not currently accepting new native English speakers for the group. Native English speakers must get approval in advance from the organizer before joining the group or participating in any events.

Members are not permitted to promote their business or commercial services using this group's webpages, messaging, or activities without prior permission. Anyone using group communications or events to do so will be removed. Inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated.

Organizers reserve the right to remove any member at its sole discretion.