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Archives/Navy Memorial Metro

701 Pennsylvania Ave, NW · Washington, DC

How to find us

I'll have a meetup sign, outside the Archives Station, by the escalators and water falls.

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Hi guys,

This looks quite interesting and fun..:)
Apparently, this is a world-wide thing where people all go and have a lot of fun pillow fighting like kids!! No down pillows allowed, as the feathers can come out and get messy...I heard this has been SO successful and FUN here in DC, and that it's been going on for year. :))

Although it starts at 2 PM, I have us meeting at 12:45, and leaving no later than 1:45...This way, we can make it on time from the Archives Metro...also have more time together before we are with the many people on the mall. :)

I'm having us meet at Archives, to avoid the crowds at the Smithsonian metro...This fun gathering takes place on the Mall, and we will be walking together so please bring comfortable shoes...

Here are the rules from their site:
Our rules have remain unchanged:...

+ Please note while our event has evolved over the years, we still ask that we retain the "prank" aspect of the pillow fight, and try to hide our pillows as we arrive at The National Mall. If you can't hide it, come up with a clever answer as to why you're carrying a pillow around (wanted to take a nap while out, it's the chic thing to do and that's why everyone else here is doing it, etc.)
+ Wait until the signal to begin (you'll know when we start).
+ The event is free and appropriate for all ages. BUT...
+ Please swing pillows lightly! Of all events we ever have, this one has the most children involved, so please be mindful who you're swinging at!
+ It is recommended that children play outside the main pillow crowd.
+ Do not swing at people without pillows or with cameras.
+ Remove glasses beforehand!
+ We encourage participants to leave down pillows at home. The less that pillows burst, the easier the clean up.

We're very excited, as this is our 6th year sponsoring this yearly pillow fight, and it has grown into the thousands! Please spread the word, and remember... have fun!

See you soon! Don't forget your pillow!