What we're about

Our group explores various aspects of consciousness associated with ESP. Remote Viewing and Meditation Techniques. OBE/Astral Travel. Reverse Speech. Qi, Prana, Ki, Energy techniques.

I will be providing workshops and listing other events as they come up.

We will be playing with sounds like Hemi-Sync and Binaural beats to help induce changes in brainwave patterns for deep meditation and for doing some viewing.

Reverse Speech is a method that let's us hear what our Subconscious and Higher Consciousness have to say about various topics. It can be very useful for releasing blocks and or for finding out what blocks may exist.

I hope to invite guest speakers for some casual meetings over the course of the next six months to discuss Qi / Energy... this includes dowsing and healing work...

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Remote Viewing Workshop (Saturday and Sunday)

Needs a location


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