Emery Smith in Colorado Springs

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Myself and others from our group will be attending the Emery Smith event in Colorado Springs, which is $40 to attend. You can purchase a ticket through this link: https://portaltoascension.org/live_event/emery-smith-co-springs/

Learn more about Emery Smith in this interview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MoiGr03ZZvU

Emery will be providing updates on his activities and answer questions from the audience about his experiences and awareness that will soon usher in Full Disclosure. Emery worked inside secret biological facilities deep under the New Mexico desert at Kirtland, AFB, NM where he was tasked with dissecting tissue samples taken from extraterrestrial bodies. Furthermore, Emery has extensive experience with advanced technology (e.g. Regenerative Medicine, Anti-Aging technologies, Trans-dimensional technologies, Biological Consciousness Assisted technology, etc.) and Extraterrestrial Biological Analysis, working with otherworldly creatures, ranging from small tissue samples to full-size beings.

Registration is $40 at this link: