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This group is for all of us to learn about our spirituality and how it relates to the world around us. We have been born into this world to learn about things that interest us. Life is meant to be an adventure. In these meetups we will learn about everything from Reiki to how to use pendulums. We will also learn about things in the material world that affect our spirituality and flow of energy such as clutter and how to correct such things through feng shui and organization. We shall have group meditations and lectures on a variety of subjects. There will also be meetups where we will learn to use various tools to help us in developing our spirituality.

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Basic Shamanism and Medicine Wheel with Donald D.

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Medicine Wheel Workshop By Donald D. COST $10 The purpose of this workshop is to introduce participants to the use of the medicine wheel in shamanic practice. Learn how to utilize the medicine wheel to balance your life, promote your healing, improve your communication with Spirit, understand the elements, and enhance your dreamtime.

Learn the Tarot with Nance

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• What we'll do COST: $35.00 This class is designed to introduce the Tarot to the beginner or those interested in becoming a reader. This class will explain how the Tarot works, the meaning of the cards, how to make a spread and interpret each card using the symbols, numbers, and even the colors. Each card tells its own story. Each person will be able to preform a simple spread with confidence within 4 classes . Each class takes you deeper into the knowledge of the Tarot. It's a fun & exciting way of learning the Tarot so don't miss this one! • What to bring Pen & notebook are suggested. • Important to know

Mini Readings & Messages with Nance

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• What we'll do COST: $25.00 During this class Nance will use the Tarot cards as her medium, allowing her to connect with the energy of the client and the cards. Each participant will have the opportunity to select a random card which will reveal information about their self, telling its own story, or provide divine guidance. Everyone will also be encouraged to ask a yes or no question which will be answered by the cards. Come join us for this fun and exciting experience. • What to bring Pen and notebook if desired. • Important to know

Candle Magic with Robert

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$30.00 CASH ONLY Join Robert for an evening of mystical fun. Robert has had forty years experience doing white magic and will put together different aspects of spell casting to create the perfect money attraction ritual. Learn how to synchronize the power of candles, herbs, crystals and incantations to make your money dreams come true. A packet with candle and magical herbs is included in price of class.

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Energy Healing for Forgiveness with Shar

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