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Separated? Divorced? Abusive Relationship? Going through a Break Up or turmoil with a Spouse/Domestic Partner? DIVORCE IS HELL, but this special “Exer-Therapy” session will help you say “HELL YEAH” to the new you!

What is "EX" HELL Workout? ... It's Exer-Therapy.
Your body is interconnected: the physical, mental, and emotional. When under stress (such as with Divorce), it takes its toll on your whole being. "EX" HELL Is a workout. Its therapeutic, It's fun, It's a stress reliever, it's a natural antidepressant, It's healing, and a confidence builder... and it's a great way to get your brain, emotions, and body into balance and into shape!

About our "EX" Hell to Exhale Program:

Be prepared to find your inner strength and the freedom to release your tension! Held in a fun comfortable exercise environment. It’s OK to vent, punch, kick, yell, cry, and laugh here, we support it, it's an energizing part of healing! Not only do you feel great afterward, you connect with others and develop a close support system. If that’s not great enough, in the end, you will have whipped your body into great shape for your next phase in life! Change your EX “HELL” into aaahhhhh relaxing EXHALE in just an hour.

Divorce/Separation can leave you broke, depressed, less confident, and alone, this program allows you to address those issues, and it's offered FREE once a month so that all women can afford the opportunity to feel better, powerful, and relaxed.

Only 12 open spaces available! Check out our calendar of events page for these special sessions! Participants MUST Pre-register and sign the release form ONLINE. Thera.Med.Ex must have your release forms completed online and signed in advance or your spot may be forfeited. No sign ups at the door.


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