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Drum and Song Circle
This is not a conventional drum circle ;) Bring your drums, rattles, flutes, didgeridoos, shakers, bells, and anything else you can think of! Walk-ins welcome. Come and stay, try different drums, laugh until your sides split, play until your hands are sore, but most of all, enjoy the good company of those around you. You might meet some new friends! Sing, laugh, play - this is a free and creative space with no judgments or ulterior motives! There is a place for beginners and experienced drummers in our circle. We will attempt to bring you a magical and fun evening as we drum in harmony with Mother Earth’s heartbeat. We will drum, chant, trance and even dance if we want to! Event held at the Intuitive Wellness Center on the lower level. Entrance is on the side of the building. Event run by donation. Donations help keep the reciprocity going so these events can be possible.

Intuitive Wellness Center, Suite 104

8996 Buke Lake Rd · Burke, VA

What we're about

This is a great group that caters towards people of all experience levels. There are three main events that we host. One is the Heart Centered Sound Circle that's generally on the first Sunday of every month. The second is a Weekly Journey Group that is currently changing venues. The third is an Ancestral Healing Circle that takes place in Central Maryland.

For more info on the Heart Centered Sound Circle, please click this link (

For more information on the Journey Group, please click here (

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For the journey group, we welcome everyone from the beginner journeyer as well as more experienced journeyer. There is a "suggested journey group topic" that is offered at the beginning of each meeting. After a brief introduction to the suggested journey topic, participants will be able to explain in a way what that topic means to them. It's a chance for beginners to understand a little more how others view these things, and gives more experienced journeyers a chance to share as well as deepen their practice. There is a distance option for people that have the time to join us from a remote location. As long as you have access to internet, we can accommodate with Google Hangouts! Please message ahead of time if interested.

We are currently taking a hiatus from Journey Group but normally it starts at 6 PM.

The timing and schedule:

6:00-6:15: arrival and set up. Great time for introductions.

6:15-6:30: Explanation of suggested journey topic as well as discussion

6:30-6:40: Heart Centered Sound Circle

6:40-6:50: Journey

6:50-7:00: Wind down, journaling, followed by sharing if people choose to share

For more information, please follow these links:

Structure for journey group and deeper explanation (

What is journeying and how is it different then meditation? (

What is a heart centered sound circle? What happens if I'm shy and don't want to sing? (

Those links above give more information about the journey group itself. If you are intrigued by the events that Eagle Therapies runs or if you would like to stay connected to more groups like this in the future, please visit our website ( or facebook group ( Sign up for our newsletter (

See you there! Either digitally or in person! Brightest blessings <3

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