Shamanic Journey Group for Monday September 19th

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Journey Group Monday September 19th

The journey groups have a suggested "Journey Topic" that we discuss before journeying. The group itself is a-la-carte and no previous experience is needed. It is not necessary to come to all of the groups in order to understand the concepts we talk about, all of these individual groupings can be done as stand alone topics. Distance option is available, send a message ahead of time to ensure a spot. The topic for the next few months will be the Courageous Heart Medicine.

It takes a lot of courage to live in today's society, and here we explore the medicine of the heart. When we go through live with a full and open heart, we are able to live our life's true purpose. When our heart shuts down due to fear, that expression of ourselves turns sideways and we do things that we mean with the highest good in mind... but even the best of intentions can be misinterpreted or come out through shadow. The Courageous Heart is a heart that is made up of four chambers. In each chamber represents an aspect of ourselves that we can tap into. This month will be about the Healer, and how we begin on this journey.

Todays topic: Roles and vehicles: Many people confuse their life purpose with their job title. No, you’re not “just” a parent, school teacher, engineer, etc. What is a lifes purpose and what does all of this manifestation mumbo jumbo mean? What happens when we identify ourselves as our job title instead of who we really are as people?

For more information, or if you're curious about journeying and want to find out more information, click here:

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This is a space to learn about journeying and how to connect with yourself and your own spiritual guidance. We also welcome more experienced journeyers that wish to deepen their practice and find a small community to connect with. Events are free, but donations are greatly appreciated and help cover renting that facilities :)