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Shamanic Journey Group of Fairfax - Nov 22nd

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Chenchira S.


The journey groups have a suggested "Journey Topic" that we discuss before journeying. The group itself is a-la-carte and no previous experience is needed. It is definitely helpful to have read some information about journeying ( so you can come prepared. It is not necessary to come to all of the groups in order to understand the concepts we talk about, all of these individual groupings can be done as stand alone topics. There is a once monthly "Shamanic Journey Basics" class taught at the same location. Please look at our Meetup for times.

There is now a distance option! Click here to join from afar (!

Basic structure of journey group (

7:00 – Arrival and settling in. It’s good practice to “fully arrive” and make sure you’re in your body and here for the experience

7:15 – Suggested journey topic and Discussion

7:30 – Heart centered sound circle

7:45 – Journey (I will be drumming live, so no recordings)

7:55 – Writing/recording our experiences of journey

8:00 – Discussion of our journey and what it meant to us

Shamanic Journeying - What is it? (

Helpful things to bring:

-Journal/writing implement

-(optional) drum or rattle to sing/dance with

-an item for the community altar (generally something that is important to you. They could represent a power animal or an ancestor)

-a blanket to either lay or sit on

This is a space to learn about journeying and how to connect with yourself and your own spiritual guidance. We also welcome more experienced journeyers that wish to deepen their practice and find a small community to connect with.

Events are free, but donations are greatly appreciated and help keep events like this running :) To stay connected, sign up for our newsletter (, follow our facebook page (, or join our Facebook group (
Intuitive Wellness Center
8996 Burke Lake Road, Suites L101 and L106 · Burke, VA
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