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Heart Centered Sound Circle for November

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Chenchira S.


Heart Centered Sound circles are gatherings where people are free to choose their own self expression. These are different then drum circles because songs and poetry are welcome admist the drums. It is very fluid and there is a flow where people can rattle along in the background, or choose to lead a song. We will have song sheets so no worries about memorization. A majority of the time, people spend their time in their head with fast moving thoughts, thinking about what we are going to do for dinner tomorrow night. Heart Centered Sound circles shift our awareness from our heads down to our hearts. When in this heart space, healing can occur.

We will be at the wonderful Intuitive Wellness Center ( It will be on the bottom floor, and there is an entrance at ground level right into the back of the building on the Lower Level.

For more information about Heart Centered Sound Circles, follow this link:
Visit our FAQ or visit the sing along page. There will also be a recording session after if you feel so inclined to stay a little later or are having trouble departing ;)

Message or call/text 571.306.3197 for more details. Event free, but donations of love accepted.
Intuitive Wellness Center
8996 Burke Lake Road, Suites L101 and L106 · Burke, VA
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