Black Friday Drum and Song Circle!


An alternative to the madness of the Black Friday chaos! Join us for a fun evening of drums, laughter, and community.

This is not a conventional drum circle ;) Bring your drums, rattles, flutes, didgeridoos, shakers, bells, and anything else you can think of! Walk-ins welcome. Come and stay, try different drums, laugh until your sides split, play until your hands are sore, but most of all, enjoy the good company of those around you. You might meet some new friends! Sing, laugh, play - this is a free and creative space with no judgments or ulterior motives! There is a place for beginners and experienced drummers in our circle.

We will attempt to bring you a magical and fun evening as we drum in harmony with Mother Earth’s heartbeat. We will drum, chant, trance and even dance if we want to! Walk ins welcome, you don't have to be present for the whole thing. Drums available for sale through Imagicka. Look for the ones with price tags on them while there. Play them before you buy them! Individual artwork can be requested, even on personal drums. Examples can be seen in circle or on the website:

Event free but run by donation. Donations help keep the reciprocity going so these events can be possible.