Monthly Shamanic Journey Group for November


This Journey Group meetup directly follows the Shamanic Journeying "Bare Bones" class, found on Facebook ( or Meetup (

If you are an experienced journeyer or just want to try out journeying with a group of people - this is the journey group for you! The monthly journey group meeting will not have a suggested journey topic. There will be two journeys, the first one for ourselves, and for the second journey we will have the option of journeying for someone else. To learn more about shamanic journeying you can visit:

Helpful items to bring:

-Sacred objects to bring for the community altar (these can be items of jewelry, crystals, or something meaningful to you that you wear while you journey)

-A journal

-A rattle/drum

-A blanket or something warm

Journey group is free, but run by donation. Your contribution helps ensure that groups like this keep running, as well as contributing to the Ayni or sacred reciprocity for holding events like these :)

Let's shake, rattle, and roll this month!