Releasing our old Perspectives to the Fire

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Here is an expanded version of the event description:

This is an event that is specifically geared toward personal change and transformation. We ask ourselves deeply, "What is in the way of me living authentically in the world?"

Our perspective is how we view the world, and if we carry beliefs, traditions, or thought forms with us that alter our perception so that we judge ourselves or others - we come to discover that it's holding us back and we are truly the ones standing in the way to stepping fully into our power. In this Shamanic Ceremony we will craft power objects to throw into a Ceremonial fire that will allow us to burn away those old perspectives that hold us back. Some examples would be "Not being a good enough daughter", "Trying to fill the shoes of your older Brother", "Feeling like I have to save the world or all the animals that are hurt/without homes", and so many more. These items are similar to lenses that we wear that color how we look at the world. Sometimes it helps motivate us to exhaustion, or it leaves us paralyzed and scared to move forward. Whatever the feeling/perspective is, we manifest in physical reality what those blockages are and then release them in a healthy way to the fire. Itinerary would be as follows:

3:00 pm - Showing up, getting to know other participants, helping set up the group altar as the focus
3:30 pm - Calling in directions and sharing the intention of the event with teachings about what Perspective is and how we can align our paradigm shift with the larger collective
4:00 pm - Craft time and drumming/singing!! This will take place until our power objects are complete. If you feel like you need some private time or need to join in community with song, it helps craft the right environment for releasing and letting go.
5:30 pm - The sun sets at this time, and while we go into the sunset, we give thanks for the old perspectives we had. This is where we connect with our power object in silence. We will be building the fire at this point, and we ask for quiet for participants to really sit in the stillness with what we are releasing.
6:00 pm - Releasing power objects to the fire and holding space for others while this happens.
6:30 pm - We draw the ceremony to a close, giving gratitude to the fire and begin taking things off the community altar. Feel free to have some food for grounding before getting into your car. For a list of what to bring and some other links, feel free to visit this expanded version here:

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