What we're about

This will be a casual meetup to walk through the I Liq Chuan Tai Chi-based 21 Form.

The 21 Form is similar to, though shorter than, the Beijing 24 Form we've done in past meetups. It is also similar to the very popular Cheng Man Ching 37 Form. These are all short Tai Chi-based forms.

The 21 Form is a bit shorter in terms of number of movements (21 moves versus 24 or 37...and far shorter than the Yang 108 Long Form). It also eliminates some of the really deep squatting movements and one-legged spins found in the other forms; and so beginning participants may find the 21 Form easier to do.

Which form a person practices is not nearly as important as understanding the principles and concepts involved in Tai Chi forms. The short 21 Form makes it easier for beginning participants to focus on the principles and concepts rather than on the physical difficulty of some of the movements found in other forms.

We'll meet in Rolland Moore Park, weather permitting, by the duck pond/basketball courts at 7am Saturday mornings. The meetup is free and open to the general public.

The 21 Form is a relatively short and simple form sequence as Tai Chi forms go. It is suitable for all ages and fitness levels. This meetup will be very casual. For more rigorous fundamental training, please see one or both of my other two meetup groups.

I hope to see you there (I'm usually wearing a black shirt with Asian characters on the back)!


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