What we're about

This meet up is here to empower and awaken your soul/your true self because we believe that all the answers, knowledge and wisdom lie within and we are here to help you find yourself again<3

Meditations: Not just your average meditations. These meditations actively release unwanted energies and blockages, trigger activations, and supports individual growth. Meditations offered each have different themes and focuses so no one meditation is the same.

Toning and Chanting: Using sound to break, purify, relax and transform your blockages in your physical body and also on other fields and multidimensional layers. It can also guide you to higher states of consciousness, spiritual enlightenment, merging into oneness. It really has a wide range of effects. Full Moon and New Moon Activations: These activations enhance manifesting our wants and goals by bringing blockages to the surface in order to release those blockages and therefore create your heart's desires. We will use candles, crystals, different symbols, etc. Come co-create with us.

Guided Journeys: Let your spirit be guided on different journeys to explore the depths of your inner world. Receive messages, insights, deeper understandings, gifts, and blessings from your guides and higher vibrational beings. Your soul's journey awaits.

Our Mission: To be here with you and guide you through your very own spiritual path which includes different challenges, lessons and never-ending growth.

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