What we're about

This group unites all the friends who want to help rebuild Nepal after #Nepalearthquake. Priority will be given to houses for extremely poor and underprivileged, as well as orphanages and schools. If you want to build a house for yourself, please train on an ongoing project first to build it correctly and safely. Follow existing projects announcements of this group to join. Also, join a Facebook group Earthbag Rebuild Nepal.

This group will facilitate real-time meetups, events, house builds and trainings to rebuild Nepali village houses, schools etc. destroyed by Nepal Earthquake 2015 using the EarthBag technique - let's build it better, greener, safer and cheaper!
Please join this meetup if you feel like helping the group or if you are already part of an EarthBag building group, have been successfully building elsewhere in the world and would like to offer your expertise.
For more information about Green EarthBag Building and other natural building methods, goto: naturalbuildingblog.com

The inspiration and moderator of this group is Owen Geiger who resides in Thailand and is the EarthBag guru.

We are a group of people from all the different paths of the world who got connected because we wanted to help with the aftermath of Nepal Earthquake. We are connecting resources for EarthBag building in Nepal into tangible projects and make it happen.

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