What we're about

Welcome to the EarthSky People meetup group.

We are a community based group facilitating a social, spiritual, and philosophical paradigm shift to promote harmony and consciousness, through a greater connection with self, family, community, nature, spirit and the universe at large while living with passion, integrity, and forward expansion.

Learn more here: http://earthskypeople.org/vision/

Our classes, events, and workshops continue to grow and diversify as we fulfill our purpose of providing information, inspiration, training and a space to connect with other like minded people.

Our meetup subjects include:

-Health & Well-being


-Primitive Skills & Wilderness Survival Training

-Nature Connection

-Ancestral Wisdom

-Self Reliance

-Men's and Women's Circles

-Energy Healing

-Martial Arts & Self Defense

-Fitness & Nutrition

-Traditional Medicine

...and more!

support@EarthSkyPeople.org / +1 (310) 907-5909

Upcoming events (4+)

The Divine Sexuality Sisterhood

Link visible for attendees


The Divine Sexuality Sisterhood is perfect for you if you answer YES to any of the following:

* Do you have difficulty finding people with whom to safely share intimate concerns about sex and sexuality?
* Do you find yourself not getting along or trusting other women?
* Do you feel that you are lacking a support system and do not feel that anyone “has your back” emotionally?

I’d love to help you! In The Divine Sexuality Sisterhood, I will interact with you LIVE and personally guide you and take you by the hand on how to transform your life in ways you might not even imagine!

The Divine Sexuality Sisterhood where we are a community of women encouraging other women to:

* Improve relationships and life-work balance
* Embrace the Divine Feminine
* Develop self-love and self-care
* Receive support and guidance on intimate matters in a warm and non-judgmental environment
* Feel heard and understood in themes that are hard to share
* Be part of our safe space, our tribe

Sign up for the first month only for $7! After that, $47 per month.

Learn more >> https://VictoriaVives.com/sisterhood

Sign up >> https://store.earthskypeople.org/sisterhood-monthly-special

Art of Fighting - Street Combatives & Self-Defense for Everyone

Covina Park


Fighting and self defense are hardwired instincts in most animals and humans are no exception.

Our combatives classes are based on Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do and a more scientific approach to self defense and physical aptitude.

Training groups are semi-private and kept small for greater individual attention.

Dress in comfortable exercise clothes and bring layers according to the weather. Bring plenty of water. We train rain or shine.

No experience is necessary and all fitness levels welcome. This class is open to all adults.

If you plan on attending, plan on participating. First time students may attend a trial class for $10 otherwise monthly training tuition is $100/mo


About the instructor: Nhan is a professional martial artist with over 35 years of practice and over 20 years of teaching experience. He specializes in Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do and has a background in Western Boxing, Soo Bak Do, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, submission wrestling, and WWII combatives. Nhan also has over 20 years in strength and conditioning and natural movement as well as an extensive background in the medical industry focusing on anti-aging and sports medicine.

Special REIKI Healing @ Soul Spa Saturdays ONLINE

Online event


REIKI SPECIAL: In this special session, you will learn and experience powerful Reiki techniques.

This is part of a series but you can also attend individual sessions. The series includes:

* Monthly livestreams
* Recording from the livestream
* Facebook community

If you sign up for a year you will also receive:

* 12 Zoom calls
* 12 hrs of pre-recorded livestreams including:
* In-Depth Aura Clearing Layer by Layer
* Clear Karma w/ Ho’oponopono
* Kundalini Yoga and Tai Chi
* Crystals & Neuroscience for Happiness!
* Morning Routine for Fitness and Healing
* Neuroplasticity Hacks to Heal Scarcity!
* Deep Inner Child and Inner Parent Healing”

Sign Up here >> https://store.earthskypeople.org/soul-spa-class

SHINPIDEN REIKI Ryoho Master Certification Part 1: Livestream

Online event


This powerful healing training includes:
* Lifetime access to the online program
* Lifetime access to all the livestreams of this class.
* Access to one IN PERSON class
* Access to our Facebook community

Now adapted to distancing guidelines with ONLINE Livestreams & ONLINE Programs + IN PERSON w/ distancing sessions


The answer is “if you want to teach and fully understand traditional REIKI as it was taught before Western influence, then SHINPIDEN IS YOUR CLASS! Also, you will be a teacher in the lineage shown to the right.


  • Learn the 4th Japanese Shirusi (symbol) and Jumon (mantra)
  • Learn how to give Reiju/Attunements
  • Embrace the Great Bright Light within you
  • Perform Hands on Healing as a REIKI Ryoho Master
  • Learn how to teach Reiki Ryoho and mentor others
  • Receive your Shinpiden Certification
  • …and much more!!

Learn More >> https://ReikiWellbeing.org/shinpiden-los-angeles

Book Now: https://store.earthskypeople.org/reiki-shinpiden

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