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Welcome to the EarthSky People meetup group.

We are a community based group facilitating a social, spiritual, and philosophical paradigm shift to promote harmony and consciousness, through a greater connection with self, family, community, nature, spirit and the universe at large while living with passion, integrity, and forward expansion.

Learn more here: http://earthskypeople.org/vision/

Our classes, events, and workshops continue to grow and diversify as we fulfill our purpose of providing information, inspiration, training and a space to connect with other like minded people.

Our meetup subjects include:

Health & Well-being


Primitive Skills & Wilderness Survival Training

Nature Connection

Ancestral Wisdom

Self Reliance

Off Grid Living

Energy Healing

Martial Arts & Self Defense

Fitness & Nutrition

Traditional Medicine

...and more!

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ONLINE ~ The Ecstatic Woman Experience

Online event

August 12th, 2020 from 4 pm to 5:30 pm PDT The Ecstatic Woman Experience 5 Weeks to Greater Love, Passion, Success, & Fulfillment! Ready to leave the struggle behind and claim your life of profound intimacy, romance, and connection? Program starts August 5th. Attend live or watch anytime in the Private Membership area and Facebook Community. What Will I Accomplish in 5 Weeks? Every journey has its peak moments and your time in The Ecstatic Woman Experience online program marks the start of something truly epic in your lifelong journey of Womanhood. During our time together you will start the path to: 1. Rise from a state of Depletion to a state of Blooming Learn how to manage the stresses and expectations of modern culture by prioritizing your unique femininity and flourish as a woman. 2. Heal Sexual Trauma and Numbness and invite True Intimacy Identify and resolve the pain and fear holding you back from deep connection. 3. Overcome Body Shame and embrace Authentic Self Love Appreciate your uniqueness and get to know yourself, through your body, like never before! 4. Transform Sexual Guilt into Sexual Wholeness Tear down the old paradigm and rebuild a powerful foundation of values that promote love, respect, and healthy sexuality. 5. Resolve the feeling of Isolation with the support of your Sisterhood. You are never alone in our powerful family of women who understand you and share your journey. How does it work? 1. 5 weeks of Livestream Zoom Calls with Victoria Vives Khuong. 2. Private Membership Area with all recorded sessions. 3. Virtual Sisterhood via Private Facebook Group and Zoom. 4. Emails for support, inspiration, and self development between sessions. 5. Romance secrets for relationships that last. 6. Unique, practical and easy intimacy hacks. LEARN MORE>> https://VictoriaVives.com/EcstaticWoman

The Cave: A Men's Street Philosophy Group

Online event

Are you exercising your most important muscle? Thought and cooperation are the defining skills that allow humans to do what we do and accomplish what we have. The question is, "Are we making the best of these skills?" The Cave is a men's group where we discuss a variety of topics that directly impact our lives. The purpose of the group is to a provide a space where no topic is off limits. This is a space where dissent and diversity of thought is welcomed and encouraged while maintaining an atmosphere of respect and promoting empathy, support, and cooperation. Our meetings are organized via Zoom and Discord. DISCUSSION TOPICS: 1. Trust, gullibility, and skepticism *********************************** Q&A ABOUT THIS EVENT Q: Why a men's group? A: Both men and women need to have social time with members of the same sex without the presence of members of the opposite. This is one such opportunity for men, given that the organizer is a man. Q: Why philosophy? A: Philosophy provides a framework through which we can explore difficult subjects. This is an exercise to develop one's ability to think productively. Q: How are discussion topics chosen? A: Future topics will be voted on by group members and can be changed at the following session if a group consensus is reached. Q: Is this is safe space? A: Insofar that abuse and disrespect will not be tolerated, yes this is a safe space. That said, disagreeing and holding dissenting views is not abuse or disrespect, within the context of our discussions. Consider this a trigger warning. Q: Can I just listen in? A: If you prefer not to share or add to the discussion, that's fine. That said, you will need to introduce yourself via both video and audio and be able to respond when directly addressed. Silent, anonymous observers are not ok.


Teacher: Victoria Vives Khuong LEARN MORE >> http://CrystalHealer.org/crystal-healer-certification Day 1 ~ Saturday, August 15th, 10:00am to 6:00pm Day 2 ~ Sunday, August 16th, 10:00am to 4:00pm The beautiful treasures from Mother Earth are powerful allies that bring blessings to our healing: Crystals, Gemstones, Fossilized Shells and Plants, Rocks… all of them contain precious gifts to share with us!! Prerequisite: Level I is required before this Level II certification http://CrystalHealer.org/crystal-healer-certification • Learn how to identify Master Crystals and channel their powerful and unique properties • Learn how to create profoundly healing Crystal Elixirs safely and receive alchemy recipes • Learn how to link Healing Layouts with Crystal Grids in order to magnify your Crystal Healings BOOK NOW >> http://ReikiWellbeing.org/bookonline or LEARN MORE >> http://CrystalHealer.org/crystal-healer-certification

ONLINE ~ 1 Yr Energy Healer APPRENTICES­HIP 12 Masters Self-Purificatio­n Method

LEARN MORE >> http://ReikiWellbeing.org/apprenticeship In this Comprehensive One Year Apprenticeship Program, you will: • Learn the three most powerful and time-tested systems of REIKI • Connect with the roots of spiritual healing as practiced worldwide by our Ancestors in Shamanism, the oldest spiritual practice known to humankind • Integrate over nine healing modalities to make your healing practice exponentially more effective • Perform deep self-healing work by utilizing the powerful 12 Masters method to clear all layers and major energetic centers in your system • Become a clear and open channel with a wealth of hands-on experience and knowledge to better help others heal • Build a strong partnership with healing tools including Healing Crystals, Essential Oils and Sound Healing Instruments • Enter a profound mentor ship with Victoria, and with your personal loving team of Spirit Guides to bring forth your most life-changing healing work • Start a career that will transform your life for the better and contribute to the world at large • Become part of worldwide renowned healing lineages • Build credibility by receiving nine unique healer certifications • Maximize your Psychic ability to incorporate valuable intuitive healing skills into your practice • Join a loving and supportive community of kindred spirits and Healers • Know how to successfully start your own Healing Practice • Incorporate specialized physical training methods to maximize your potential to become a powerful Healer • Develop strong integrity, self-confidence, and healthy boundaries to better help others APPLY NOW >> http://ReikiWellbeing.org/apprenticeship/#apply or LEARN MORE >> http://ReikiWellbeing.org/apprenticeship *************************** I am thrilled and honored to present to you the 1 YR ONENESS HEALER APPRENTICESHIP. This transformative and unique program is the culmination of over fifteen years in which I scoured the globe to find the heart of healing, studying with over 20 masters across continents and learning from dramatic personal life experiences that occurred during my spiritual awakening. I look forward to meeting with you and sharing with you in this outstanding journey! Blessings, Victoria Vives Khuong http://ReikiWellbeing.org

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The Cave: A Men's Street Philosophy Group

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