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• Cinema - Film

• Scope - Device for Viewing

• Earthpledge - New perspective of our world gained by watching, analyzing, participating in and making films.

I love film! http://firesofcreation.net/movies/ I also love sharing amazing stories! I want to make connections with people who also believe a movie theater has more power to bring us all together than any church, synagogue, Mosque or religious temple! Earthpledge Cinema Scope is about smaller groups exploring the power of film and the mono myth for our planet. http://earthpledge.net We get together in common space (sometimes sharing food or a drink) to show scenes from our favorite films and talk about them; what they mean to us, how they inspire and provide a lens to view our world through the context of a heroic journey.

This is the fellowship circle of a larger film group, http://earthpledge.net/film_group/ which is going to have the feel of larger communal movie watching. The idea is to rent out screens at local theaters every month to show the most powerful movies available. At the end, we will then get audience participation in talking about and breaking them down. These screenings will be free to the public but will draw from donations much like churches, synagogues, mosques or temples raise capital to cover expenses. These gatherings will help facilitate the connections to break up into the smaller Earthpledge Cinema Scope circles, where we can make friends and connect with each other on a more intimate level while also branching out on new adventures & potential filmmaking collaboration. The following is an example of the first film I hope to shoot.


If any of this sounds compelling to you, please write at: earthpledge@me.com



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