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Do you have a passion for 'green' living? Ever thought about building your own home according to natural principles? Interested in Permaculture? Tempted by the possibility of getting your power from renewable energy sources? Have you ever considered the idea of living off-grid? Or, are you simply in love with Earthships and want to know as much as you can? If any of these stir up a familiar longing, then this is for you.


We'll put our heads together and learn about everything Earthship- the history of their emergence, their built-in natural principles, 'green' features and various types of design. We'll find out about the materials used in their construction and where to source these. We'll explore examples of Earthships, paying close attention to those in Canada, and see how to adapt a design to Eastern Ontario. We'll find out about the laws and regulations related to building one in our area. This and much, much more... From concept to design to construction to living in them- inside and out- if there's anything to know about Earthships, we shall find it out.

...Who knows? Maybe we'll build one together one day?!


We'll engage in lively discussions, watch films, participate in book readings, share our knowledge, mine online resources, do research and host group presentations, attend related events, and visit nearby Earthships to gain inspiration. For those who are interested, we can also volunteer to help on Earthship builds to acquire hands-on experience. And just so that we don't get too high-strung, and so that we can get to know one another in a relaxed way, we'll throw some purely social meets into the mix too.


We'll meet once a month or more in a variety of places; including private homes, restaurants and pubs, community centers, cinemas, libraries, Earthship sites- anywhere our learning takes us.


My wish is for this to be a fun, easygoing group that has an informal approach and feels comfortable for everyone. Whether you're someone who knows a lot about Earthships or nothing whatsoever; if you are truly interested and like our casual slant, you are welcome.

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Frightfarm 2020 at the Martin Tirehouse

218 County Rd 5

Holistic Greenhouse Build (Earthship Inspired)


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