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This is the meet up for programs associated with the Earthwalk Retreat which are drawn from archaic ways of psychological and spiritual healing and the expansion of consciousness that are being reintroduced in modern form.

The Earthwalk Retreat is "at the edge of the village", and is a portal to the other realms. We are located in an enchanting stream side forest, about 20 minutes from Fredericksburg. Come and re-member yourselves and learn the ways of walking in balance again.

Many programs and private retreats are offered to help us reconnect with our deeper nature, Mother Nature and the nature of life. Various Forest Therapy events including Forest Bathing, Sweat Lodges, Nature Quests and Fire/Drum Circles are offered. Other contemplative forms like transformational dance, breathwork and mindfulness meditation are offered here as well as core energetic tension releasing exercises and mediumship training.

People who are are adventurous, soulful, love nature and creating beauty in all forms are those who will love it here. I am on the Virginia Artisan Trail Network and here we explore the Art of Living, of being fully human, of being in harmony with all life.

My Website is http://earthwalkways.com and you can call for a tour, picnic,host your own program, camp out or retreat anytime. 540 752 5540. I hope to meet you soon.

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Wisdom of the Pathwork Guide Lecture discussion online

Needs a location

The Wisdom of the Guide is an ongoing call series that meets via zoom every other Wednesday to read and discuss one of the pathwork Lectures. The Pathwork is a contemporary holistic full spectrum spiritual path that was transmitted into the earth plane through a medium named Eva who channeled 258 lectures in from 1957 - 1978 that offered a new and amazingly comprehensive intelligible and helpful view of human existence from the realm of spirit. The being who offered this wisdom never gave a name and said not to be concerned about where the material came from but simply try it on and if it was useful to use it. It became known as a practical path of spiritual evolution. The Pathwork is now a world wide path and the lectures have been translated into many lanquages. I have never come across such a clear and comprehensive understanding of the spirtual evolutionary journey that is the purpose of life. The lectures are diverse and complete in themselves so you can join in at any time and the more lectures you read, the more you will see the underlying themes and be able to use the processes that are recommended. In our discussions a larger context is often provided. You would like this class if you are a seeker, and especially if you are interested in Self Knowlege. This path being contemporary speaks the language of psychology, and seeks to bring what is unconscious within us, both the negative lower self and the higher self, into consciousness. The lectures are all available free online here https://pathwork.org/the-lectures/ The discussion is free but donations are glady accepted. Try it a few times and if it seems to be something you want to continue with consider supporting us with a small donation/ Please annouce yourself when you join. If you prefer to just listen in that is ok, but we would like to know who is with us at least by name. If you want to call me and connect prior to the class please feel free to do so. My number is[masked] and my email is [masked]. Individual sessions are also available on appointment as this work looks at our current and past life circumstances to discover the underlying soul issues that are being worked on. This discussion group will allow you to discover this rare unknown gem of a spiritual path for our times.

Wilderness Passage: Home & Nature Retreats for these Times

Earthwalk Ways LLC: Institute & Retreat

Introductory meetings on a Wilderness Passage Program. Create a transformational cocoon for you re-emergence. About this Event Join me on these dates to learn more about the steps I offer to support you in creating and partaking of profound ancient and archetypal process often called a Wilderness Passage Rite. I have a hard time finding the right name for these retreats. In Anthropology they took the name of Passage Rite because they were used to help mark and make certain transitions in life, like coming of age and marriage. Ancient cultures knew that these transition times require a powerful reset and inner transformation to meet the new requirements of life. It seems to me that we are in a collective transformation, a coming of age if you will, at this time and it is perfectly set up that each of us who is able can participate in this kind of process for themselves and for the collective. Ideally it is done in wild nature which is our very ground of being and we need to reconnect with it at this time. If you do not have a wild place or are too uncomfortable you could use your back yard, or you could do a "cave" retreat in a room or something. If done outside, it will have 2 major purposes. It will reconnect us to our place in the weave of the web of nature and it will invoke in us a conscious process within the threshing hold of the ceremony to wrestle with any old remaining inner demons and to deeply connect with ourself and chose what is really important to us now. In doing that we return to our old life changed. A Wilderness Passage will take you through your own inner wilderness within the bosom of nature's wilderness and you will take a new name on reincorporating back into your old life. In all ways, your inner nature will emerge and guide you. You will learn to traverse the inner landscapes of your wilderness. Join me to learn more, as this form can be adapted to your goals and needs and I can support you in creating this cocoon and give you some medicine tools that will help you during your solo. I expect that normally 4 sessions in preparation and one completion and one follow up session besides the actual quest itself. Starting now you will be able to schedule your quest in the next 2 weeks to a month after preparations begin. Fabulous and Safe Location at Earthwalk! I will also host people here as there is a way to allow you access to the canyon along Enchanting Run, while keeping complete isolation during the quest. So if you are able to travel and come here, after the online preparation sessions, you will be given instructions and begin your encounter with your soul and with nature. Everyone will be somewhat unique so each person will have some private online consultations to tune into the prayer and the preparations and the creation of the cocoon that you will weave for yourself. Some of the medicine tools can be done in a small online group so if we have enough interest a small group could form and we could support each other and make some of it an online group experience. Please register here for a free introductory informational meeting. I look forward to seeing you. Feel free to call me at[masked]r email me at [masked].

Full Moon Fire/Drum/Sharing Circle

Earthwalk Ways LLC: Institute & Retreat

So we are hoping to have several fires for warmth and distancing, and being outside we can be safe and enjoy some drumming and sharing under the full moon. ***I will have to limit our numbers so a ticket is required. We will keep to 10 participants. Register here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/full-moon-firedrumsharing-circle-tickets-138181002097 Bring drums and instruments. Bring blankets and camp chairs and water bottles and snacks for yourself. Please arrive and settle in by 7:30. Fire will be started at 7. We will have an opening and talking circle as well as poems stories songs and chants. Please contact me by phone so I can give you instructions for where to park and how to find us, once you arrive as it will be after dark. My number is[masked]. I hope this finds everyone well and staying protected. I am committed to being full of care to not spread the virus, so bring a mask for extra protection and if you are feeling any symptoms please do not come. If you have been out and about considerably over the past 2 weeks, please wait for out next one in March. Join me in February for our Pathwork Community Weekend on Zoom. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/2021-emergence-birthing-a-new-world-with-full-spectrum-pathwork-tickets-133235804879

Natural Communion in Nature's Cathedral: Sundays at Earthwalk Ways

Earthwalk Ways LLC: Institute & Retreat


Natures Cathedral on Enchanting Run. Natural Worship is naturally evoked. About this Event Join me on Sunday Mornings for a dose of Vitamin N all wrapped up with some deep spiritual nourishment as well. We all know now the physiological benefits of Forest Bathing and other nature and mindfulness explorations. But there is a deep spiritual benefit that is available there as well. The science tells us of our oneness with all of life, but when we sit in nature with the intention of being fully present to her ongoing sensory flows, something magical begins to happen and we actually experience this union as actual experience in some way. We are each different, but the direct perception of nature leads us to encounter the presence of nature as a felt intelligence and benevolent wisdom. We see how she harmonizes a vast diversity. We see that while competition is allowed, the fabric is hung on the strands of cooperation. Join Darlene for a few hours on Sundays. The last hour and a half is optional but it is really great to give yourself some extra time when you can. Darlene can help you learn how to meet yourself in nature and feel comfortable in your own skin. Let yourself touch be inspired and filled with the love you need to continue to serve. Nature is a great Mother. Lets celebrate the re-emergence of the Divine Mother by attending services at her Forest Cathedral. Begin your week with remembrance and gratitude and offer the wounds of life to her for transformation. Feel free to call or email if you have questions. [masked] or[masked]. Currently this is a COVID safe activity done with physical distancing outside and we will limit the number of participants to make sure we have lots of space. There will be opportunity for you to be considerable distance in your own nature sanctuary but some of the time will be spent teaching, and forest bathing together but still with physical distancing. Bring a water bottle and something to eat.. I use to offer food or do potluck but it feels safer now to just bring a picnic for yourself. Wear cloths that cover you but are light weight and can get wet and shoes that can get wet and grip rocks well. Tevas crocks, even tennis shoes. but not the hard soled walking shoes.

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Pathwork Circle of Compassion online

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