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The guidance you seek, the lessons you desire, the peace joy prosperity you are aspiring towards doesn’t come in a book or a box or a classroom.
It’s comes from within You!
And it’s Free

I’m not interested in selling you anything. But I have been raised frequenting Buddhist temples, sat and listened face to face with monks, priests, nuns, rabbis, gurus, sifus, sensais and wise elders. And I practice internal martial arts , tai chi, Qi gong (not from a book or a classroom but) on the ocean, for free, Ive studied and experienced the energetic basis of quantum physics, sacred geometry, crystal energy , gems, orgone energy, pyramid technology, frequencies of nature, lay lines, the overall essence of nature, chakras, Astro influences, the Yuga cycles, LOA, etc and our connectedness to all.
Oh and lastly, I personally built owned and ran a multimillion dollar company and had over 200 employees.
Oh and I was in a touring rock band as lead guitar and songwriter for over ten years and performed never in small clubs but large venues such as Irvine Ampitheatre, the Hone Depot Center, Gibson Universal theatre and more opening for global bands like Peter Frampton to Smashmouth, and of course have been featured on television and national radio.

So I’m not a teacher but I see so many people seeking so hard but truly wasting energy on the wrong teachers, wrong guides or learning bogus practices and building corrupted belief patterns.

So, I know you want to enjoy life, be prosperous, be happy or be in love and wake up and experience every day as a magical blessing. So let’s do it.

Let’s chill, be real and I through my own experience and being you will see how easy it truly is to manifest the joyful abundant life you desire.

Through making music or drum circles
- Bike rides on the beach or exploratory somewhere local
- In depth candid conversations during a walk along the coast or in a park
- Picnics or BBQs pot luck style
- Coffee shops
- On an electric boat cruising the harbor
- Exploring for foliage plants bird watching
- Farmers markets or actual farms
- Visit museums, Thai temples, Chinese temples or an awesome Hindu temple...and more...
- Or sit and meditate , properly the way the Tibetan monks or Gurus or Sages do it I’ll show you how ... where? Always local and most likely outdoors in nature somewhere. And free.

I’m always doing something fun. local and with mindful purpose, so I’ll come up with ideas and simply invite you... and you won’t be charged for my advice guidance ideas suggestions or any lessons of any sort

P.s,. I do not drink alcohol, I have no tattoos, I take no drugs of any sort including the present trend of psychotropic “medicine” or western commercial pharmaceuticals. I eat organic, shop mostly local, exercise and meditate daily and play / make music daily. My body is sacred and so I am free of pollutants and graffiti. I do not support the western commercialization of using psychotropics in any form to attain “enlightenment “ or elevate ones “spiritual self” I believe in self discipline, practice and respect of body and mind to achieve wisdom and inner growth. Drugs are contradictory to all that so please do not join if you Do drugs of any sort.

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Morning Appreciation, Walk, Stretch

Heisler Park, Laguna Beach

Discussion and Sunset Meditation

West jetty View Park

Beach walk meditation-Newport Beach

15th Street

Ideas of spiritual growth

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