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Meet other locals who enjoy playing recreational Flag Football! All skill levels are welcome, and although we play for fun, we ask that you will be willing to physically exert yourself and have some basic football knowledge. You must Be at least 18 years old to play in our games. Please join and bring friends! Games will be played mainly on Sunday. If things are to change there will be an update and a message sent to all members.
Flags will be provided, please bring white or dark shirts to split teams. Flag football rules
-No tackling
-No flag guarding/ stiff arm (if you flag guard or stiff arm you will be down where it happened)
-If you are to fight or cause trouble, you will be banned from the group
-Game is played on full 100 yard fields x 25 yards, with 1 first down at midfield. This will keep it competitive.
-No kickoffs, plays will start at 10 yard line
-No punts on 4th down, you'll just turn the ball over on the other end of the field at the 10 yard line.
-30 minute half
-Play 7vs7, or 8vs8 depending on RSVP or how many shows up.

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