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This is a Meetup for practicing visual artists to meet and socialize with each other. I am a professional painter. I got the idea for this group because I play guitar and sing as the hobby, and I started a meetup for playing music and songs together. I noticed that musicians are very social, and naturally meet and do their art together with other fellow musicians. Music is by nature a social activity. Musicians play with each other, and perform in social environments on a regular basis. We visual artists on the other hand, work alone in our studios. This group is for artists to get out of our studios, and meet and talk about art, and socialize with other artists.
Our first meetings will be simply meeting in a public place to get to know each other. But future activities could include:
Critiques: simply traditional critiques where we put up our art and get feedback from fellow artists.
Studio share days: trade places in another artists studio. The idea here is that you would work one day and another artist studio, and then they would work one day in your studio. If you meet an artist in the group that you think and both of you think that it would be beneficial and inspiring to do a studio share, you can arrange it with each other.
Gallery strolls: hit the town in SF or Oakland or elsewhere, and do the gallery stroll in a group.
Studio visits. Invite other artists to your studio to show how you work and your process.
Social evenings. Meet at a bar or some other social venues simply to socialize with fellow artists.
Drawing groups
Have any other ideas? Please post them in the comments below.
My vision for this group is that it be free and open. Artists are free to meet other artists if they want to by arranging it in the message boards. Groups of like-minded artists can form within the main artists social salon group. Members should feel free to move freely within the group . Be sure to Post your web presence, website, Instagram, Facebook or whatever, in your profile, so other members can see your art.

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