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This meetup is to bring together Black witches to discuss and study the occult, magic, ritual, chanting, both Eastern and African God and Goddess Archetypes, entrepreneurship and much much more. I'd like to do restoration work within the circle, and healing energy work for members of the circle and for nature.

We will have different outings in many locations through the bay area. I do my best work near large bodies of water, so we will meet at the beach upon occasion as there is an abundance of elemental power and energy, its the perfect place to ground, cast, conjure and clear.

This meetup is for you if:

You are a female of African descent practicing witchcraft, if your new to witchcraft or a seasoned vet, an entrepreneur looking to work with and cultivate her personal magic to manifest abundance, you are open to learning and women coming in at all levels. You use light and dark magic with balance and respect to the humanity of others, if you lead your life with or are dark magic leaning (meaning your primary magic use is dark with unbridled cursing and hexing) this may not be the meet-up for you, otherwise I welcome all my sisters.

*Latina Brujerias are welcome to join!

In this Meet-up we will:

*Create a safe, supportive space for women of color sharing and cultivating their craft and trading ancestral ancient magic techniques and wisdom.

*Learn and share information and resources for divine feminine balance - I have a ton of resources!

*Learn how to manifest using practical magic.

*Casting and exploration of both the use of light and dark magic.

*Spell writing and rituals.

*Individual interpersonal exploration and healing.

*Planning and goal setting with the energetic support of sisters within the circle. *Using crystals to heal and manifest.

*Discuss and review black fashion designers, art and so much more. *Tea and potions for healing the body, calling up feminine energy and manifesting.

*Discuss current issues affecting women of color and how practical application of healing energy and magic can be used to aid in restoration for women of color and the greater community. *R&R hangouts that include Tea, DIY Mani-Pedis, TGIT (Scandal, HTGAWM) Night, local events, and doing nothing at all.

I look forward to meeting you!



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