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Carquinez Overlook Trail Hike, Carquinez Strait Regional Shoreline
Please note that this Meetup was originally scheduled for Oct 14. No one was free that day, so I thought maybe mid-November might be a better bet. Champ said: Lets try it and see. Champ is doing a 2.5 mile hike at one of the most picturesque EB Regional Park over-looking the Carquinez Straits. To get to this park that you didn't know existed, you will have to drive on roads you have never been on and pass thru a very rural part of the Bay Area. This park is by one of the oldest city in the Bay Area you never heard of, Port Costa. It will be an interesting adventurous drive just to get here. This will be Champ's third visit here. His first visit was when he was about 1 year old, practicing to be a good canine citizen. His second visit was yesterday to entice his buddies with the photos. We will be hiking the Overlook Loop Trail. Bring water for yourself and your GS. The is a porta-potty near the parking lot. Dogs on-leash in the parking lot and 200 ft pass the trail head. The park is off-leash. Hope to see you here if you are free Saturday morning Nov 17!!! If you still feel adventurous after this short scenic hike, make a stop in Port Costa and take in some of the local ambiance with your GS (on-leash). You will not think you're in the SF Bay Area. Check it out on TripAdvisor.

Carquinez Regional Shoreline, Bull Valley Staging Area

turn off to staging area is near "165" Carquinez Scenic Dr · Crockett, CA

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